Rome, Italy, 2013

The project proposal for the new expansion of the Acrobax social center redefines the entrance courtyard by presenting a new façade with openings of different sizes and alignments. The new space serves as a cafeteria and a small neighborhood library. To realize it, the construction technique of the load-bearing straw bales was used and the construction site was therefore an opportunity to experiment and learn. The considerable length of the enlargement (34 meters) imposed a careful design of the openings such that the compressive strength of the straw wall was uniform. To create the structure, a training workshop was organized for architects and students.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Giulia Ratti, Giulio Mattioli
Type of project: expansion
Cost: 16.000 euros
Dimensions: 170 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Anna Maiello, Sara De Bellis, Flavia Salbitani, Enrico Caiolo, Linda Aquaro, Massimo Pietrobon, Maria Costanza Laganà, Elisabetta Incognito, Francesca Franzè, Paolo Di Lello, Chiara Giunta, Andrea Passeggieri, Andrea Rondoni, Acrobax’s fellows

Video of the project