Beyond Architecture Group is a design studio founded in 2009 by Paolo Robazza. Based in Rome, it is active in the field of sustainable architecture.

Using local and natural materials, BAG experiments innovative technologies, incorporates traditional techniques and develops design solutions that allow high energy savings and well-being in the home. Within its construction sites, BAG organizes international workshops through which it is possible to participate directly in the construction works.

The building site is thus transformed from a private space to a moment of sharing, research, learning and openness to experimental architecture.

Collaborate or collaborated with BAG:

Fabrizio Savini, Francesco Amici, Laura Di Virgilio, Sylwia Modzelewska, Linda Aquaro, Guido Robazza, Sara De Bellis, Flavia Restaldi, Francesco Fabbrovich, Elisabetta Taviani, Silvia Calabresi, Anna Maiello, Claudia Jouannet Ortiz, Giusy Fabiano, Simona Grimaldi, Rosella Longavita, Giulio Mattioli, Clara Pardo Gromaches, Cecilia Tognoni, Gilles Mascaro, Alessandro Giorgi, Simone Luciani, Ruggero Rizzuto, Arianna Zanichelli, Remo Fabrizi, Tommaso Ferranti, Mariona Planiol Molist.