San Cataldo (LE), Italy, 2018

Eco-station Lab is a project developed within the international architecture festival IAH Summer 2018 organized by Archistart, in collaboration with the Municipality of Lecce, to encourage the gathering of several stakeholders active in the urban regeneration framework. This is one of the four self-construction workshops organized by the festival and aims to redesign and integrate the waiting space for buses along the waterfront of San Cataldo, Lecce. The idea is to “hacker” the existing platform overlapping an ephemeral structure with a new seating function, small bikes parking and surfboards temporary storage. The project aims to offer a different moment of resting to the users: a big frame facing the sea. It is not just a more comfortable waiting space, but also a new point of view that highlights the landscape. It is a light structure made of wood battens and micro-perforated backlit fabric on which the students developed a graphic design project.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Alessandro Ripanucci, Concetto Vecchio
Type of project: temporary installation
Cost: 3.000 euros
Dimensions: 16 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Roberto Ubaldi, Francesca Agnese, Aleksandra Bocharova, Luigiana Capone, Francesca Colombini, Alice Garoni, Francesca Morotti, Chrysanthi Pipini, Silvia Polenta, Karthik Raja Raju

Video of the project