Rome, Italy, 2017

The interior design project of the K_alma Social Carpenter was not just a design project but above all a contribution to a social inclusion project. On the initiative of Gabriella Guido, manager of the entrepreneurial project, carpentry has as its objective the training, integration and employment of migrants and asylum seekers in Rome. Given the small size of the spaces available, the project tried to make the most of all the walls. The idea is a large wooden belt, which runs through the entire perimeter of the space, in which is inserted a system of sliding and repositionable supports suitable to accommodate all the carpentry equipment. To carry out the project, workshops were organized in which the same carpenter apprentice migrants participated. The implementation phase therefore became the trigger of the training path and this also premised immediately to generate in the participants a good confidence with the carpentry spaces.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Alessandro Ripanucci
Type of project: interior
Cost: 10.000 euros
Dimensions: 40 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Gabriella Guido, Alessandra Busoli, Alice Buzzone, Micol Masetti, Edoardo Pedio, Giusy Fabiano, Cheikh Abdoul Khandrae Diawara, Carafa Ture, Rasheed Sule, Bassirou Gassama.

Video of the project