Rome, Italy, 2016

“Off the cuff”: extemporaneous, improvised. It is a temporary installation made in the gardens of the Monk Club in collaboration with IndiLab. A project of collective self-construction and co-design able to experiment new forms of collaboration and acquire new skills. It is not just an architectural installation but a team building experiment. It was necessary to achieve something fast, on a tight budget. We defined a few guidelines relating to the main construction methods, then the participants decided form and details themselves, during the same construction phase. An installation realized through the overlapping of recycled wooden listels. It is an irregular structure that defines spaces in which the dimension of cosiness and that of collectivity are intertwined. Articulated in projections, recesses and openings, it has been equipped in different ways, according to needs and imagination.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Tommaso Ferranti
Type of project: workshop sperimentale
Cost: 3.000 euros
Dimensions: 80 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Paola Quarta, Claudia Sgandurra, Giuseppe Accettola, Mattia Zucco, Adriana Ruggeri, Emiliano Zandri, Andrei Rizea, Stella Cusati, Eleonora Mei, Federico Aveni Cirino, Kirsten Flemming, Letizia Scacchi, Stella Pugliese, Domenico Pullino, Chiara giunta, Joseph Alan Valia, Carla Barbanti, Micol Pignataro, Paolo Coppola, Federico Alicanti, Sabina Ronchetti, Laura Pesarin, Loranzo Cacchi, Gloria Consoli, Michela Pierlorenzi, Sandro Paglia, Dario Padalino

Video of the project