Monza, Italy, 2015

In the Park of the Reggia di Monza at Villa Mirabello BAG has created a temporary installation for “GNAM_The art and the science of transforming food”, an exhibition, organized by CREDA Onlus and Consorzio Villa Reale, which fits into the busy EXPO2015 program. With the aim of creating a shaded area in the park to host refreshments and summer parties, the exhibition consists of about 50 bamboo canes, 8 to 12 meters high. The use of bamboo allowed to create a light support structure with shading sheets, thus leaving the façade of the Villa very visible.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Xavi Ferrer Tayeda
Type of project: temporary installation
Cost: 5.000 euros
Dimensions: 200 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Elena Pisano, Cecilia Miotto, Sara Semeraro, Isabella Lepore, Alessio Coco, Giusy Fabiano, Pamela Lanera

Video of the project