Monte Porzio Catone (RM), Italy, 2014

The project was born from the need of the Frascati Cultural Association Semintesta to carry out an experimental set-up for the Festival Frammenti 2014, a music festival at its 14th edition which is organized for the first time in the Tuscolo Archaeological and Cultural Park. The design of the structure comes from a reflection on space, the space that becomes that place that we live and wish, or imagine… One of the moments in which a man makes the most important reflections on space is looking at the sky and the stars at night.
Thus the idea of ​​a collective “observatory” was born. An intimate space, where you can observe the stars, where you can express wishes, a place where you can relax in the hammock (though experienced in an unusual collective version). A space therefore “private” but public, intimate but collective.
The temporary installation, made with wood recovered from about 120 pallets, becomes a “relational device”, an instrument for activating a space managed by local associations. Activation tool was also the mode of implementation: a three-day workshop in which young architects and ordinary citizens collaborated. The building site has thus become a moment of sharing, exchange and mutual knowledge, generating in the participants a strong bond between them and the same place where they worked. This helped then to determine its use and care.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Cecilia Tognoni, Gilles Mascaro
Type of project: temporary installation
Cost: 4.000 euros
Dimensions: 25 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: Simone Luciani, Flavia Andolfi, Elena Saccaperni , Giorgio Pernasilici, Matteo Floridi, Viola D’Ettore, Tiziano Maffeis, Roberto Cognoli, Giulia Insinna, Gloria Consoli, Anita Baldassari, Martina Campoli, Wanessa Bruno, Emiliano Esposito, Michela Pierlorenzi, Fabio Manfredi, Fanny Ciufo, Marianna Cicala, Francesca Giusberti, Francesco Raponi.

Video of the project