Rome, Italy, 2018

The project of the new Amref Health Africa office has redefined the organization and furnishing of the offices of about 50 employees. In particular, the entrance was configured as a pivot point at which kitchen, secretary and smart working space was positioned. A sort of distributive compass accompanies the different spaces and becomes the characteristic element of the entrance: made with a system of wooden slats and iron structure, it becomes the support for the organization’s logo. The rest of the offices are furnished with red cubes, multifunctional elements that can now become stools for larger meetings, now containers for documents, now simple shelves. These elements were created by the K_Alma Social Carpentry, becoming an opportunity for learning and therefore for work placement for migrants.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Francesca Romana De Paolis, Giulia Ratti
Type of project: interiors
Cost: 65.000 euros
Dimensions: 370 sq.m.
State: completed