Fiano Romano (RM), Italy, 2013

The project was developed on the occasion of Borgofestival 2013 in collaboration with LAN, a group of architects expert in Arundo Donax structures coordinated by architect Francesco Poli. A temporary structure has been created that combines in a single experience the construction techniques related to two natural materials: rods and straw. It is therefore a light covering in bundles of “Arundo Donax” reeds and inside it a seating system made of straw bales coated with plaster based on natural hydraulic lime to allow its use. The temporary structure was used by the administration of Fiano Romano to host artistic events of various kinds. To build it, a training workshop was organized during which the participants were able to learn the characteristics of some natural materials and their construction methods. The event was organized in collaboration with Giamp, a cultural association active in Rome in the field of performing arts and training.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Francesco Poli, Giulio Mattioli, Gilles Mascaro, Marina Leuzzi, Michele Todisco, Mariangela Bruno
Client: Comune di Fiano Romano
Type of project: temporary installation
Cost: 1.600 euros
Dimensions: 36 sq.m.
Photo credits: Paolo Robazza
State: completed
Participants: Valentina Fantini, Gioia Greco, Stefania Grosso, Alessio Chiappini, Giovanni Bellini, Maria Abbracciavento, Lidia Massaro, Valeria Bonanni, Daniela Mancini, Perla Colamesta, Sara De Bellis, Letizia Di Bella, Gabriel Hein, Ivano Zandri, Mauro Faggiolo, Gianluca Severo

Video of the project