Padova, Italy, 2017

Winner of the 2016 Culturability competition, Piazza Gasparotto Urban Living Lab is a process of urban regeneration and social innovation that unites associations, companies, research bodies, institutions and citizens with the common intention of reactivating the 2200 square meters of unused public space of Piazza Gasparotto . Thanks to a co-design path, the collective work has led to the expansion of the area destined to urban vegetable garden, to create a space for parkour activities, to set up an area for outdoor performances, to integrate the space with new furnishings. The participation of the citizens and of all the associations involved has been extended from the planning phase to the implementation phase through the organization of a two-day collective construction site, in which everyone has been able to participate bringing his skills and his work. This moment of sharing was fundamental not only to realize the planned project, but also to share a moment of re-appropriation of a public space, thus increasing the sense of belonging to the community.