Seclì (LE), Italy, 2017

SIT A BEAT is a temporary structure created through an urban co-design and co-creation laboratory organized with citizens and students in Piazza San Paolo a Seclì (LE). The action was part of the “AGORÀ project: how to do and how to be a community”, funded by Regione Puglia for the purpose of engagement of citizens for the regeneration of public space, organized in collaboration with the Luna Rurale Cultural Association and the Municipality of Seclì.
It’s a relational and interactive installation developed with the sound designers Andrea Ciccarelli e Fausto Martone of Studio Invisibile. The base module consists of elements developed in three directions that allow a high spatial flexibility. In fact, the modules can be rotated, translated and aggregated so as to generate different spaces and ways of use. The installation elements produce sounds generated by a processor capable of detecting human presence and return a stratified harmonic flow to enrich the user’s experience within the physical and auditory space.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Alessandro Ripanucci, Micol Masetti, Alessandra Busoli
Sound project: Andrea Ciccarelli, Fausto Martone
Type of project: temporary installation
Cost: 8.000 euros
Dimensions: 20 sq.m.
State: completed
Participants: members of Luna Rurale, citizens of Seclì
Video of the project