Bologna, Italy, 2018

“Slab”: type of very powerful wave that is generated from the deep waters of the sea and breaks into shallow water. The temporary installation SLAB in Piazza Scaravilli was born as part of the Rock Project, an European project (May 2017 – April 2020) promoted by the Municipality of Bologna and the University of Bologna, that aims to regenerate the University district (U-District) through knowledge sharing, participation and urban spaces transformation: an action-research focused on the Zamboni area taken as a cultural, creative and sustainable district. The goal is to make the area a permanent laboratory in which to experiment widespread and constant actions aimed at improving the quality of the place. SLAB is one of these. The sinuous shape generates different moments: now the theatrical fifth, now sitting and portal that accompanies towards the rest of the square. It was co-designed and realized by the students under the guidance of Paolo Robazza, architect of Beyond Architecture Group, with the aim of offering them the tools to learn and re-elaborate a utopian vision of the social and urban context in which they live. The ephemeral structure represents the last phase of the Utopia project and has hosted part of the performance review that animates the summer in the main places of the university area.

Team: Paolo Robazza, Unibo students
Type of project: temporary installation
Dimensions: 25 mq
State: completed
Participants: Caterina Rogani, Eleonora Savini, Martina Dellapasqua, Bianca Baccarini, Eleonora Fantini, Beatrice Enti, Matteo Gambini, Karilene Rochink, Daniela Mastronardi, Giorgio Dall’Osso, Giovanni Morelli, Federico Zaganelli